“Jane helped my son Will learn to read when he was in first and second grade.
Jane is a conscientious and creative tutor and Will loved her. They made a real personal connection…Though after Will’s second grade year we no longer needed Jane’s services, I continued to hear about her work through psychologists, colleagues in Cambridge, and from teachers and administrators…All of the reports were favorable and she became a much sought after tutor.”

-Michael G. Thompson, Ph.D.
Best-selling author, Speaking of Boys
Co-author Raising Cain; Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys and Finding the Heart of the Child

“Jane first came into our life four years ago to tutor our eldest boy in reading. Within five months Jane had him reading at or above grade level, and most importantly, feeling proud and confident. It is this latter accomplishment that sets Jane apart and makes her a gifted teacher… She truly enjoys children. Jane listens with kindness and caring but it’s evident she’s also calibrating how ‘the whole child’ is doing, both as a learner and a being. She, more than anyone else I have ever met understands how interlocked a child’s entire emotional state is, and how it affects his or her ability to learn. She honors this connection and any child she works with knows this, and I think loves her for it.”

-Parent of a 10-year-old boy


“As a tutor, Jane does not take a ‘cookie cutter’ approach, but rather targets her intervention to the specific needs of the child. I know her to be particularly talented at working with boys who are reluctant or resistant to put anything down on paper. I have seen her transform such students into confident writers. I have also seen her work successfully with struggling readers, and fill in the gaps with students who have shaky math skills. I have heard nothing but consistently positive reviews from the families I have sent her to… Jane is also a professional with whom it is a pleasure to collaborate.”

-Clinical Psychologist


“Jane has tutored several children in our third and fourth grade classroom. Her consistent and organized approach has been very effective. She frequently communicates with teachers to assess each student’s individual needs and to connect her work to classroom learning. We have seen great improvement in both students’ skills and confidence…We are not only impressed with the steady progress that Jane’s students have made with her, but with the close, personal connections that Jane creates with both students and their families. Children respond to Jane’s warmth and patience, and she is both well-respected and well-loved.

-Classroom Co-teachers


“We observed a dramatic improvement in our daughter’s reading ability within six weeks of her work with Jane. She is able to explain material to children in clear and simple terms that are accessible to them. Jane has also taught our daughter helpful study habits and made suggestions about how to organize her time and ideas. These are study skills that she will have for a lifetime and will serve her well as she moves on to more conceptually complex material. Jane is a gifted tutor, and a woman of integrity. It has been a great pleasure for us to know her.”

-Parent and Clinical Professor, Harvard Medical School


“Jane is a gifted educator. During the four years she has been working with my son, she has inspired him to strive for excellence. Jane has taught him the value of hard work and the joy of accomplishment. Jane has earned my son’s respect as a tutor, but her involvement extends beyond the tutoring sessions. My child is very aware of Jane’s interest in him as an individual; her compassion has created a profound trust which has provided my son with the security he needs to reach his potential.”

-Parent of a homeschooler