Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do tutorials last?
Typically, tutorials last from two to four years, with a minimum commitment of five months during the school year.

What is the length of each session?
Tutorial sessions are either 1 hour, or 1 ½ hours long, once or twice a week.

Can my child be tutored at school?
I do work with children in both public and private schools, in accordance with school policy.

Will you communicate with my child’s educational team?
I often collaborate with educational specialists, and am available to attend team meetings at school, or at a private office.

Are you available during the summer months?
Yes. The summer is an excellent time to strengthen skills, and help students transition to the next grade.

What is the Orton-Gillingham method?
It is a phonetic, multi-sensory, structured language approach recommended by leading researchers to provide one-on-one reading instruction.

Do you provide any educational testing?
I offer diagnostic reading assessments only. Educational and neuropsychological evaluations are often provided to me by parents.

How do you handle scheduling and payment?
Parents receive a detailed Policy/Contract to review at an initial meeting.

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